Registration status


individual Select If you register your guests individually, do not consider them as part of your group. Please use the group registration only if you have 3 or more guests.


groupSelect In order to proceed with this registration a minimum of 3 guests is required. If you have 1 or 2 guests please use the individual procedure

Download group spreadsheet
How to register a group of guests before beginning the procedure
  • Download and save the excel spreadsheet below
  • Fill in the list with your guests' details *
  • When the list is ready, start the registration procedure and upload the list
  • Finish the registration following the required steps
*Fields with an asterisk are drop boxes with a list to choose from and the ones in bold are mandatory. Important: please do not use diacritic characters. Click directly on the "select" button in the group box if you wish to register your group by adding your guests one by one in the registration form.

download group pre-registration rule policy.